She is seven going on seventeen. And she cried the other day when I tried to check her out of school early to hang out together. So it begins, folks.  And because they grow up too fast, here are some fun facts about my sweet girl.


For the love of reading

8 days people. 8 days until we track out of school for THREE WEEKS. I'm a tad bit excited if you can't tell. My kids go to year-round school, so basically every nine weeks, they get three weeks off. It's the best. Ever.

During dinner the other night, we talked about all of the things we wanted to do over our track out. I try to get my kiddos to think of things they want to do as a family, as well as try to set individual goals for themselves. It's always so funny to hear what they come up with. Here's what we've got:

Anna - weekend vacation (family); read 100 books (her personal goal - she likes to set the bar high, my friends. That's basically 33 books a week....hmmmm.).  
Drew: go to Disney World with our family (probably not happenin'); build legos (daily goal already, I think).


The Perfect Match

Gimme all the hugs, bracelets and watches. Anna tries to steal my jewelry every time I turn around and I'm pretty sure half of what I do have is hiding somewhere in her room. Right now, her go-to accessory is hair ties - the more the merrier... And if she can create an entire rainbow on her arm, then that's even better. Apparently, it's how second graders accessorize these days. Me, I prefer pretty bracelets and watches! You guys know I'm on this watch kick, right??  


A September Project

There's something about September that seems to spark a new project for me. Last year, I did a photo-a-day challenge throughout the month of September, which was super fun. This September, I'm going to mix things up a little and attempt to do a video challenge. I think I tend to get into a little bit of a creative rut when my kids go back to school and I have a little more "free" time on my hands. It's amazing to me how much my kids inspire me and help to spark my creativity.